Astrid Moors portrait - Atelier Moors

I grew up in Calais, the Lace City. When I was 6 years old I wrote and illustrated my first book. After asking my dad to make copies of them, I bind each copy myself (and bah, a staple) to sell to my family. I was already a fan of very limited editions!

Later, I develop a passion for patterns, materials, textures, and printing. I become a textile designer and created Atelier Moors, a pattern and illustration studio for children. I dream of a world where every human being has the tools to live a positive, creative and meaningful life. 

My universe is joyful, playful and colorful, but also sensitive, narrative and sweet. I’m inspired by nature and especially animals, travel, tales and other extraordinary stories, but also everything related to self-love, mindfulness, positivity.

I believe in the power of art and creativity to change lives. My purpose is to help kids and teenagers developping life skills for a mental well-being. I want to give them the chance to believe in themselves and in their future, to have a positive state of mind, to find their place in the world, to cultivate their creativity and to encourage them to apply it to civic and community action.

I also create objects with my patterns: objects that do good, that protect or give self-confidence.

What makes Atelier Moors’s wealth is its human values, and so I am committed to develop harmonious and kindness relationships with my customers and suppliers. I would love to work with positive and responsible brands and see our work on children’s books, diaries, gratitude or happiness journals, games, creative kits, fabrics, cards, stickers, inspiring posters…

Do not hesitate to send me a nice little note, or a collaboration request, a special order, a project that you want us to do together…

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